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This blog is about the practice of screenplay analytics using Viziscript

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Script Import Changes

Script importing now combines ability to import & re-import .FDX and .TXT files

Stewart McKie | Script Management | 2019-05-14

Script Import - Text Files

You can now import a script exported from your screenwriting package into a text (.txt) file

Stewart McKie | Script Management | 2019-05-10

Alien: The Play

North Bergen High School put on Alien as a play.

Stewart McKie | Production | 2019-05-08

Re-Import Script

You can now re-import a script to allow for multiple versions of the same script

Stewart McKie | Script Management | 2019-05-08

Scene Sentiment Analysis

You can now analyse the sentiment of your scenes

Stewart McKie | Analytics-Scene | 2019-05-07
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