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Script Charts

Script charting is being rationalized so that most charts are delivered in the same way via eCharts

Stewart McKie | Analytics-Script | 2018-09-24

Script Clouds

Viziscript includes standard script (word frequency) clouds and part of speech analysis and the ability to build-your-own basic script clouds.

Stewart McKie | Analytics-Script | 2018-09-22

Script Summary Report

When you import a script into Viziscript, a script summary report is produced that you can also access from the script home page

Stewart McKie | Analytics-Script | 2018-09-21

Script Synopsis

By adding metadata to your scenes you can generate a scene-by-scene script synopsis to print out

Stewart McKie | Marketing | 2018-09-21

Protagonist and Antagonist Timelines

By flagging scenes to the protagonist or antagonist arcs in your script synopsis you can produce simple timelines showing their scene arcs

Stewart McKie | Analytics-Role | 2018-09-21
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